Recycling markets have been very volatile over the years and with the recent ban's from foreign countries on recyclables, many material recovery facilities have gone out of business.  Even large trash companies have stopped providing recycling services.

     Rather than abandon the market altogether, Laclede Industries wants to continue to provide consumers with a reasonable option for recycling services.  But, in order to do so, we must do so in a way that covers our cost and therefore does not threaten our mission of employing individuals with disabilities. 

     For City of Lebanon and City of Lake Ozark residents, you will continue to receive free drops as both the Cities have chosen to support our efforts through service agreements.  However, for those living outside the City limits of Lake Ozark and Lebanon, will be required to purchase a prepaid card if they want to continue to utilize Laclede Industries for their recycling. 

     This change is effective 1-1-2020 for the City of Lake Ozark and 7-1-2020 for the City of Lebanon.  

    Prepaid cards are available at the 43 Valley Road during normal hours of operations.  Cost for cards = $10.00  that are good for 10 = 13 gallon bags of recycling, one punch per bag or $25.00 good for 10 - $ 30-gallon bags or less of recycling.  Cash or check only.

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